Thanksgiving Scrapbook Layout Ideas & Inspiration – Part 2 –

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Layout Ideas & Inspiration – Part 2

thanksgiving scrapbook layout ideas

Another blogpost filled to the brim with awesome Thanksgiving Scrapbook Layout Ideas & Inspiration! So, if you’re looking for some scrapbook inspiration to document your family’s Thanksgiving, you’ve come to the right place! This is part 2 in a series of blog posts featuring awesome Thanksgiving themed layouts! (Click HERE to see all the wonderful Thanksgiving scrapbook layouts gathered in Part 1!). 

But enough chit-chat! Let’s take a look at some gorgeous and unique layouts!

Big Stylized Page Filling Embellishment

When making themed pages, it is a great idea to use a big element to support the theme, in this case: Thanksgiving! Here are some examples of page filling stylized elements!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Allie Stewart

This beautiful layout features a large colorful leaf. The cutout spaces are filled with lovely color-coordinating pages and delicate needlework. It could be a great way to use up your paper scraps! The photo is put on top of a stack of pattern paper pieces, creating a solid base for the cluster. And, of course, cute little embellishments are added! But the undisputed star of the show is the big stylized leaf! 

Design elements: Use a big cut-out stylize leaf as the base of your layout.
Finishing touches: The cluster is the perfect way of displaying your photo.
Cute details: The delicate embroidery added to some parts of the leaf are truly exquisite!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Majkenmarie (

Another big stylized leaf! This time the leaf cutout exposes little multicolored pattern page rectangles, giving a lovely quilted effect. Two smaller leaves are used to cluster the two featured photos. Small pieces of pattern paper rectangles are added to the border of the page, nicely tying the page together. In my personal opinion, a more minimalistic look, with lots of white space around the large leave element and cluster would have looked very nice as well.

Design elements: Cut out the whole leaf, exposing pattern paper underneath.
Finishing touch: Two more of the same type leaf are used in the photo cluster, continuing the theme of the page.
Cute details: The cutout leaf as well as the smaller leaves have an embroidered border. What a lovely effect!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Source: Pinterest

On this page, the big element is build up out of lots of hexagons. Their colors coordinate beautifully with the flowered pattern paper used in one of the hexagons. The photo is in black and white, which heigthens the contrast between the colorful background design and the feature photo. I love the simplicity of this look. The little leaves and flower clusters form the base of the design triangle!

Design elements: Build up your big stylized background out of repeating shapes, for instance: hexagons!
Finishing touches: The cluster of leaves and the cluster of flowers form a design triangle with the title.
Cute details: Stitching around the individual hexagons and larger leaves. 

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Source: Pinterest

This layout oozes simplicity and style. Cute leaf shapes are cut out from pattern paper and clustered with a button and string. And the whole page is pulled together with a stylized laurel wreath. The finishing touches are the striped lines in all the corners. Such a lovely page!

Design elements: Pull the different page elements together by surrounding them with a large element, for instance: a stylized laurel wreath.
Finishing touches: The photo is flanked by a card on both sides. This makes the layout more playful and creates an internal design triangle.
Cute details: The stitched or striped corners!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Nathalie DeSousa

Another great idea for a big stylized page element: This cluster of cutout leaves makes a colorful, yet uniform, background to the photo with the beautiful fall colors. Some of the cutout leaves have a backing of pattern paper, some have a simple light gray backing. The effect is quite awesome! Notice the use of white space: the multileaf background does not cover the entire page, but is spread like a banner, leaving a top and a bottom area of white space. 

Design elements: Create a background using similar cut-out shapes, in this case: little leaves.
Finishing touches: Filling some the cut-out leaves with different pattern paper is pure genius.
Cute details: The paint splatters lift up the grey background paper with a little pop of color, coordinating nicely with the rest of the color scheme.

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Mendi Yoshikawa

Another page with a repeating background pattern: this time the background is filled with colorful hearts and matching cute embellishments. The hearts are arranged in a grid, which helps to keep the page neat, organized and not too overwhelming. The photo fits perfectly in a 4×4 piece of the larger grid. And the large title is the perfect finishing touch. 

Design elements: Use a grid of big colorful hearts as your background.
Finishing touches: Same colored embellishments in the different hearts liven up the page, whilst still keeping it neat. 
Cute details: Did you spot the raccoon? And the little blue toadstool? So cute!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Fancy Pants Designs

The large stylized element on this page is built up from different kinds of leaves hanging from washing lines. Some of the leaves are filled with photos, and one is filled with journaling: what a cute and original idea! The way the leaves are hanging creates a grid, forming a nice repeating pattern that frames the large and prominent title. Little embellishments are added to the hanging leaves as finishing touches. 

Design elements: Build up your page using different shapes of fall leaves.
Finishing touches: Adding photos to some of the leaves.
Cute details: The itty bitty staples used to hang the washing lines!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by jlhufford (

Another great stash busting layout! The featured photo forms the center of a large paper flower that is built up from pattern paper leaves. The photo itself is pretty dark. This makes it possible to use all kinds of colors and patterns for the petals. I love how some of the leaves are double layered and some single. And notice how the journaling is added all around the edge of the layout!

Design element: Make your photo the center of a beautiful stylized flower.
Finishing touch: Double up with your pattern paper on some of the flower petals.
Cute detail: Write your journaling all around the edges of your page!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Anita Bownds

Of course, there was bound to be a big pumpkin on one of these layouts! This lovely white cutout is filled with a very sweet pumpkin pattern paper. The colors of this cute paper fit perfectly with the central photo. The whole pumpkin, complete with orange flower clusters, is on top of a distressed wood pattern paper and the whole layout is matted by a distressed stripe pattern paper. Had the pumpkin cutout itself not been neutral and white, the whole layout would have been a bit too much of a good thing. The choice for a white pumpkin, however, combined with the choice to fill it with the same pattern paper in every open cutout space is spot on and really pulls this layout together.

Design elements: Use a page filling cut out pumpkin as the base of your layout.
Finishing touches: The gorgeous flower clusters on the top and bottom of the pumpkin.
Cute details: Notice the cute little butterflies near the flower clusters!

Big stylized embellishment thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Lisa Dickinson

In this layout, the title itself is the big stylized page element. The font is playful, combining capital and low-case letters and the pattern papers that fill them are funky and colorful. The tile, photo, and flowered clusters are all grouped together in the middle of the page, leaving enough white space to ensure this layout in total doesn’t become too busy.

Design elements: Design your page around a big colorful title.
Finishing touches: Color coordinate the pattern paper used in the title with the colors of the other embellishments on the page.
Cute details: The stitching in two corners almost resemble little flower stems.

Document The Silly Moments

Of course! You want your layouts to be beautiful and classy and Pinterest-worthy. I mean, don’t we all? But please, don’t forget about documenting some of the silliness of your family members (or yourself)! Every family has its own silly moments or people and a holiday like Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to capture that goofy side and to create a funny and unique scrapbook page. Let’s get inspired by some of the documented silliness of other scrapbooker’s family members and get ready to get your silly on this Thanksgiving!

document the silly moments thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Patjohnson (

If you have a goofy pilgrim turkey hat like this glorious specimen, of course you need a picture of every family member wearing it! Crop those silly photos vertically and you can fit all of them in one layout. I particularly like the fact that the pilgrim-hatted turkey is not only on the people’s heads but also has a fitting place elsewhere on the page in the form of a very cute matching turkey embellishment!

Design element: Crop your goofy portraits vertically to fit them all on your silly layout!
Finishing Touch: The matching pilgrim-hatted turkey the perfect finishing touch.
Cute detail: I just love the pictures and the groovy smiles on the people’s faces.

document the silly moments thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking

This is not so much a silly layout, but the featured photo does capture a spontaneous and funny moment, and those moments are worth documenting! The page doesn’t sport the traditional Thanksgiving color scheme, but is a brighter layout with all sorts of different colors. The large words on the left side of the page have been cut out of white cardstock, and a multi-colored pattern paper is put behind it to make those words color pop. This is such a cool idea!

Design element: Cut out big words (or just your title) and layer them on a multicolor background.
Finishing Touch: The floral arrangement around the photo is the perfect finishing fouch.
Cute detail: I love the little button in the R of the words “leftovers”.

document the silly moments thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Source: Pinterest

Now this is my kind of picture! I mean, what’s the point of cooking up an entire turkey meal, not to have someone devour one of its legs! What a wonderful moment to capture on camera and what a great idea to feature this photo prominently on this page! The turkey leg is almost as big as his head! This photo just tells the entire story and therefore the rest of the layout is kept pretty minimal. Overall, the page looks very cute!

Design element: If your photo is goofy and silly enough give it pride of place and keep the rest of the layout pretty minimal.
Finishing Touch: I love the scalloped edges of the pattern paper.
Cute detail: The little turkey button on the left side of the page! So cute!

document the silly moments thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout by Heather Leopard

Showing her nice and a bit goofy smile, this girl is ready for a Thanksgiving pageant! I love the way that there’s one featured photo and that both photos are grouped together inside of a stitched circle swirl layered with all sorts of cut-out leaves. This creates dimension and movement on the page, a very nice effect!

Design element: Create movement on the page using flurries and swirls. In this case: A stitched swirl of autumn leaves!
Finishing Touch: The blue chevron pattern paper behind the two photos contrasts with the traditional Thanksgiving colors, creating a color pop and adding interest of the layout.
Cute detail: Well, you gotta love that featured photo! It is just too precious!

Document The Thanksgiving Dinner Cooks

Don’t forget to document all those wonderful people who cook all those delicious Thanksgiving meals for us! The cooks work so hard to prepare this annual turkey feast, spending days on end planning, grocery shopping, stirring pots and baisting birds in kitchens all over the land. Let’s celebrate their efforts and achievements and give them pride of place in our layouts!

Document the thanksgiving dinner cooks thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by Heidi Sonboul (

A whole “pumpkin pie” layout with the cook in the center and small black and white “passport-like” portrait photos depicting all the lucky family members who got to partake in the prepared dinner! What a great idea for documenting all the people present: so many photos on one page! I love the little piece of pie that is cut out and filled with journaling. 

Design element: Arrange a lot of small photos inside a pumpkin pie around a central photo.
Finishing touch: The journaling is done on one of those recipe index cards.
Cute detail: I love the “yummy’s” and the little flower frame around the turkey.

Document the thanksgiving dinner cooks thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Source: Pinterest

A colorful layout documenting the great turkey preparation tradition of this family! One big color photo, two smaller black and white photos and a large multicolor title. Small embellishments, mirroring the title colors, are the finishing touches. My personal favorite embellishment is the small yellow crochet heart with the little blue button. It’s so cute! Notice the subtle journaling describing the Thanksgiving turkey preparation in more detail.

Design element: Clearly showcase your featured photo by leaving it larger and in color, whilst making rest of the photos smaller and black and white.
Finishing touch: The colorful title made out of different patterned papers.
Cute detail: I love the yellow crochet heart!

Document the thanksgiving dinner cooks thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by Michelle Lewis

A simple grid style layout with some matting, some pattern paper and a lot of room for journaling. The chef, again, has pride of place in the featured image, but the happy eaters are certainly not forgotten! I love the title “The Turkey Whisperer”!

Design element: If you have a lot of journaling keep the rest of your layout simple.
Finishing touch: The chosen patterned paper matches the color scheme of the photos beautifully.
Cute detail: I love the little circles of patterned paper.

Document The Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without all the gorgeous food! So make sure to not forget to document all the goodies that make Thanksgiving so yummy and special! Let’s look at some layouts that celebrate all the lovely nomnoms!

document the thanksgiving food preparation thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by Summer Fullerton

This first food-related layout is a fairly straight forward grid type page. The photos of the food are displayed in vertically oriented closeups and each dish has a little banner with some journaling details on it. Using only partial photos is a very good idea, especially because it is very difficult to take a good (and, more importantly, tasty-looking) photo of food. By zooming in and cropping the plate, the food immediately looks more appetizing and it saves a lot of space on the page. 

Design element: Use close-ups of your food and crop them vertically to show only part of the photo. This makes your food look more appetizing.
Finishing touch: The cut-out “Thanksgiving” title is a very subtle shade of the pattern paper underneath. This focuses the eye on the photos and not on the title.
Cute detail: The little owl with the big heart!

document the thanksgiving food preparation thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by xboxmom

This layout celebrates the food and the lovingly set dinner table. The photo is vertically oriented, making it possible to flank it with a big vertical title and an abundant cluster of color-coordinated flowers. These elements are added in a slightly tilted angle, giving the layout a playful finish.

Design element: When using a vertical picture, angle your title and patterned paper cluster overlay to give your layout a more playful look.
Finishing touch: The beautifully color-coordinated flower cluster.
Cute detail: I love the little brads in the corners of the photos. Together with the title they form a sort of design triangle.

document the thanksgiving food preparation thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by Jennifer Perks

I’m not exactly sure if this turkey is made out of chocolate, but I’m sure the creator of this layout has explained it all in her journaling. I love that she included a closeup op the bird itself and one of herself holding the precious item. The layout is simple and straightforward with a clear emphasis on the main photo. Notice how the title color matches not only with the journalling background, but also with some orange details on the main photos. This creates another one of those “design triangles”!

Design element: Give your Thanksgiving food creation pride of place! Finishing touch: I love the color choice of the title.
Cute detail: The blue strip of flower pattern paper offsets the more traditional Thanksgiving colors beautifully.

document the thanksgiving food preparation thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking

This layout fills one half the page with a photo grid and the other half with the title (love those brackets!), journaling and a cute turkey embellishment. Again, cropped closeups were used to highlight the food, making it all look as yummy as it undoubtedly tasted. The visually ” busy” photo page half is beautifully balanced by the restful ton-sur-ton title and journalling. Any other color would have been a bad choice as it would have been too dominant and drawn the eye towards the words, rather than the photos. The stylized turkey drawing fits in with this muted color scheme very well and (in digital scrapbooking) can be size-adjusted easily to fit the space left over after the journaling is done. 

Design element:  Grid the close-ups of your food photos together on one side of the page.
Finishing touch: The tone-on-tone color of the title and journaling give the illusion of white space on the right side of the layout.
Cute detail: The blue feathered turkey embellishment!

document the thanksgiving food preparation thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by IzzyB (

This layout radiates happiness and joy! It is very colorful and filled to the brim with different elements. I personally would have chosen to leave a little bit of white space around the photo area, in stead of the (cute!) little houses pattern paper, whereby focussing a little  more clearly on the photos. I love the colorful little turkey embellishment and the combination of food and “around the home” shots documented on this page. 

Design element: Just go overboard and put everything you love about Thanksgiving on the page: the people, the food, the turkey centerpiece. Create a page that makes you happy!
Finishing touch: The photos are numbered to enable journaling about the individual photos elsewhere on the page.
Cute detail: The colorful turkey embellishment with the heart button.

document the thanksgiving food preparation thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by Stacy Cohen (

What a great idea to document the first turkey ever prepared! I love the step-by-step photos, complete with the gorgeous golden brown final result and the photo of the happy eaters! The page derives its color from the four columns of pattern pater, each carefully border-stitched. A little frame was added to the finished turkey photo, complete with fork and knife embellishments. We’re all ready to dig in!

Design element: Keep your food preparation photos small and bring a pop of color using patterned paper.
Finishing touch: The cute frame around the people enjoying that first turkey!
Cute detail: I love the little knife and fork next to the journaling.

document the thanksgiving food preparation thanksgiving Layout Ideas Scrapbooking
Layout designed by Mrsmiller,

The sandwich looks absolutely scrumptious and is clearly this page creator’s favorite. This particular turkey sandwich is not directly linked to Thanksgiving (other than the turkey component), but it is a great idea for a layout to celebrate the Thanksgiving dinner leftovers! I love the polka dots and the journaling strips!

Design element: Keep your layout simple and balanced by not using too many colors or too many types of patterned paper.
Finishing touch: Wow, that turkey sandwich looks scrumptious!
Cute detail: The vertical stitching on the left-hand side of the photo and journaling.

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